So, what do we do?

We offer quality language services for professionals, students and everyone who wants to speak another language with fluency and confidence. Our programmes are personalised, tailored to meet your goals, and delivered online or in person, intensively or at a more relaxed pace, according to your needs.

We offer you ongoing online linguistic support and are available for shadowing sessions at your workplace.

We can organise One Day Fluency Workshops at your office, for your group of friends or your family.

Lessons and training in Italian and Spanish

In addition to English, we offer the same kind of training and support in Italian and Spanish.

Indicative costs

And if you wonder how much it will cost you, just get in touch. Please bear in mind that our programs are bespoke so  the prices you find in these pages are indicative,  may vary and should be seen as part of a personalised session plan.