What we can do for you

Nowadays more and more universities and employers require their students to take a test to certify their knowledge of the English language. And in countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia, if you are considering working in one of these countries, you’ll have to show the immigration authorities that you can speak the language.  And let’s not forget that English is the working language in so many companies around the world; if you are looking for a job a TOEIC certificate is a huge plus in your CV.

After assessing your needs and your level, we will set reasonable and attainable goals and decide on the most effective course of action.

You’ll be working developing the test’s essential skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking for IELTS, reading and listening for TOEIC) revising or studying the essential grammar points and vocabulary required. At the same time we’ll explore strategies and techniques to maximise your results.