English Language Coaching

Mission critical business

If you need English language coaching for important meetings, crucial negotiations, compelling presentations or persuasive job interviews.

Feeling at ease with people

Maybe you feel ok speaking English as long as it’s for business, but when it comes to small talk and informal situations you feel self conscious and unsure, unable to truly relax or join in.

Crucial qualifications

Or you need to pass the TOEIC or the IELTS for your university studies or to qualify for a job that requires a certified level.

Work with us, deciding whether you prefer a short intensive course or something more relaxed, discussing your needs and setting your goals. Practice using real life material, role-plays, simulations, benefiting from your coach’s cross-cultural experience in addressing not only your language needs but also all those tricky cultural aspects.

And if you need a language certification, study the language in an engaging, motivating way and at the same time develop the exact strategies needed to get your target results in a TOEIC, IELTS or CAE test.