Silvia Costantini

I love languages.

My dream would be to be able to speak dozens of them (regrettably I only speak English, Italian and Spanish, and survive in French and Finnish).   That’s why I love teaching them.

At the moment I’m trying my elbow at Portuguese, and I firmly believe my being a student helps me in relating to the needs, hopes and wishes of my students. I have taught quite diverse groups of people, from teen agers to Parliament members and tv journalists.

I am interested in photography, my photos were published as part of a traveling article about Beijing on the January 2011 issue of Finnair magazine, BlueWings, and will be published as part of an article about New Zealand on a Finnish online travel magazine.

I am an avid reader and a massive Leonard Cohen fan.

I love swimming, rowing ‘alla veneziana’, and doing yoga. And i love traveling too.


Language lessons, tuition and conversation with Silvia Costantini